Booking, Rates and Availability


Booking time on great salmon rivers like the Flowers is often a matter of being patient and persistent.
Our booking policy is quite simple, and awards our long-standing customers for their loyalty. Once you’ve had a chance to visit with us, you will be given the first option to book the same week for the following year.

In order to reserve your spot, we will require a $500 deposit before leaving the Lodge and, on or before October 15th, we will require that your deposit be topped up to 50 percent of the future year’s trip. If you change your mind come October 15th, we will return your deposit if and when we are able to sell your space. If you up your deposit to 50 percent and then fail to pay the balance before our final payment date, the same policy will adhere. If we are able to sell the space, we will return your deposit. However, should the space not be sold, your deposit will be forfeited.

The Ultimate Salmon Experience – New for 2017

For the past two years since we purchased Flowers River, we’ve heard numerous stories about the incredible stretch of river above the Top Pool. Legend has it, that two U.S. Anglers were given permission by the previous owner, to explore the upper section of the river. The reports were awesome, both in terms of scenery and fishing, however it was so difficult to access, that no one paid much attention.

That was until this summer. One of our projects this summer, was to gain access to this once almost untouchable stretch of water. We started by building a platform and setting up a prospector tent at Top Pool to act as our base of operations. From there, our guys worked at building a trail to a place called Boys Pool, which is at the head of a long set of Rapids. It took all summer for the guys to get there and then we had to get a helicopter to lift in new canoes, a side by side buggy and another prospector tent with all of the trimmings.

Turns out that all of the stories were true. We arrived at one of, if not the most spectacular places I have ever fished for Atlantic Salmon. Miles of untouched river surrounded by rolling hills and mountains offer up 7 spectacular pools and there are probably more to be discovered.

Beginning in early August 2017, we will be offering exclusive 6 day packages for two anglers to this upriver paradise. This is the complete salmon experience and not for the faint of heart, you will be roughing it. Depending on the time of your arrival at the lodge, you will most likely be leaving immediately for ” Up River”.  You trip will start with a 30 minute canoe ride, a 45 minute walk to the side by side, and hour and forty five minutes on the buggy and after all of that, another hour in the canoe.  Your destination will be the “Up River Tent Camp.” This will be your home for the next 6 nights and you and your fishing partner will exclusively fish this entire stretch of river for the next five days. On the last day, you will fish your way back to the main lodge and then fly back to Goose Bay.

Price for this exclusive trip is $8250 per person.

Deposit dates are as follows:

$500 deposit due when leaving the lodge

50 percent due on or before October 15th
Full balance due on or before April 15th

If you are a first time customer, we will require a 50 percent deposit at the time of booking.

Payment Methods

We accept the following methods of payment:

Payable to Flowers River Outfitters and mailed to
107 Farmers Dairy Lane, Bedford, NS B4B 2C9

Email transfers:
Send to

Visa or MasterCard:
Complete, sign and return the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Please be advised that there will be a 2% service fee on all credit card charges.

New Customers

Given that a large percentage of our customers will be repeat customers, we suggest that you pay close attention to our Available Dates Chart. This section of our site will be updated on a very regular basis and should reflect what is available. Once a calendar week has passed during the season, we will update the site and you will be able to see whether spots are available for the following year.

Similarly, pay close attention to October 16th. Given that October 15th is the 50 percent deposit date, we will update the site on the 16th and you will be able to see if any additional spots are available.
We would also suggest that you stay in contact with us, as we will keep a waiting list that will be emailed should spots become available.

Fishing Dates Available for 2017!

We are making a change for 2017, in that we will be offering 6 and not 7 day packages. We will also be staggering the arrivals at camp and will have a plane coming and going every three days.

As such, the following is our 2017 schedule.
Date Species Availability
Jul 15 – Jul 21 Atlantic Salmon Fishing SOLD OUT
Jul 18 – Jul 24 Atlantic Salmon Fishing SOLD OUT
Jul 21 – Jul 27 Atlantic Salmon Fishing SOLD OUT
Jul 24 – Jul 30 Atlantic Salmon Fishing SOLD OUT
Jul 27 – Aug 2 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing SOLD OUT
Jul 30 – Aug 5 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing SOLD OUT
Aug 2 – Aug 8 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing SOLD OUT
Aug 5 – Aug 11 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing SOLD OUT
Aug 8 – Aug 14 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing SOLD OUT
Aug 11 – Aug 17 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing SOLD OUT
Aug 14 – Aug 20 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing SOLD OUT
Aug 17 – Aug 23 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing SOLD OUT
Aug 23 – Aug 29 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing 1 ROD AVAILABLE
Aug 29 – Sep 4 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing SOLD OUT
Sep 4 – Sep 10 Atlantic Salmon & Char Fishing 3 RODS AVAILABLE
Upriver Excursion New For 2017
July 30 – Aug 5 Atlantic Salmon SOLD OUT
Aug 5 – Aug 11 Atlantic Salmon SOLD OUT
Aug 11 – Aug 17 Atlantic Salmon SOLD OUT
Aug 17 – Aug 23 Atlantic Salmon SOLD OUT
Aug 23 – Aug 29 Atlantic Salmon SOLD OUT
Aug 26 – Sep 4 Atlantic Salmon SOLD OUT