Our Staff

We believe that the quality of your trip will be impacted by many factors; some are within our control and others are not. The selection of our guides is an area where we have control and where we pay very close attention.

Our current staff have decades of guiding experience between them and many have been on the Flowers for years. They love what they do and the ultimate goal for them is to have you catch fish, the bigger the better.

 To this end, my suggestion would be to pay very close attention to their instruction and guidance. They know the lies of the fish, the best flies, the best times of the day, etc.

Time and again I hear the guides say that their sport either doesn’t or won’t listen to them, which ultimately leads to frustration for both the guides and for you. 

Let us introduce them.

Chris Duffet - Camp Manager and Guide

Chris is dedicated to providing his clients with the best possible service, knowledge, standards and safety available to an angling guide.
He was born and raised in the historic fishing town of Bonavista, Newfoundland, where he learned to fish at a very early age with his uncle. He has 21 years of experience guiding and fishing rivers such as the Alexis, Paradise, Eagle, Owl Brooke, White Bear, and the North River.  His travels have also brought him to many other coastal areas North of Nain and as far North as Hebron fishing Char!
He has participated actively in salmon conservation by collecting scale samples and checking water samples.
Even if the fishing is tough, Chris’ contagious sense of humor will keep you optimistic for the next big bite!


Brad Samson

Born and raised on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, Brad grew up, rod in hand and began his guiding career at age 16. In the beginning, most of his time was spent on the River of Ponds, home of the “Portland hitch”. Today and now many years later, Brad has fished and guided on many rivers along the scenic Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and he has guided extensively in LAbrador as well. In “ the Big Land”, he has guided on the Pinware and Forteau Rivers, as well as the Eagle and Sandhill.
His passion for the sport, years of experience and sense of humour make him a pleasure to spend time with, either one or off the river.

Daryl Burry

Affectionately known to us as “Brutha D”, it seems that in one way shape or form, Daryl has been with us forever.

Although Daryl is officially a resident of St. John’s, he hasn’t seen his home there from the beginning to the end of the salmon season, for as long as I’ve known him.

Starting on June 1, you will find him roaming his beloved rivers of Bay St. George. He will migrate up the Northern Peninsula and eventually to Labrador as the season progresses. He has an uncanny sense of knowing what a salmon will take and how to present it.

He is a world class fly tier in both hair wing and feather wing categories, a great teacher, a patient listener and just a great person with which to spend your time.