Trip Planner


The lodge has high speed internet and WIFI available for guests. In addition, long distance phone calls are included in your package price.

In Goose Bay, Donelda Pardy is our on-the-ground logistics person. Donelda is a busy gal and among other things, will be the one picking you up at the airport and dealing with liquor and snack orders. If you need to be in touch, you can call or text her at 709-897-4604 or email her at [email protected].

Phone number at the Lodge is 647-478-2943.
Chris Duffett is our Camp Manager and he can be contacted during the summer at the camp phone number above.

Heather Crosby’s cell phone number is 902-830-8593. However, for most of the summer, she will be in Labrador in areas where there is no cell coverage. Email is usually available and her email address is [email protected].

If you are in need of assistance, probably the best thing you can do is email Ann Crosby as she can usually find Heather. Her email address is [email protected].

Beverage/Snack Orders

DSCF0476The lodge provides fruit juices with breakfast, and water, tea and coffee all day. Alcoholic beverages and mix are not provided. We have provided a downloadable form that you can use to place and pay for your order with the local liquor store or you can bring your own liquor with you as part of your 50 pounds of baggage. Please fill out the separate order form for mix and snacks and return it to us at least 3 weeks prior to your trip.

We will have the order picked up and delivered to the lodge before your arrival. To avoid any issues with your orders, it is recommended that you follow the instructions on the order forms in detail.

Don 10 pounder 5 pm todayPlease note that emails and phone calls will not work for liquor orders, there is too much room for error. The form is the only acceptable order format.

This past season the Lodge installed a UV filter and reverse osmosis system to provide drinking water for our guests. We also have individual water carriers that you can take in your canoe. It is our effort to try to be more environmentally responsible. Bottled water works out to be more expensive than gasoline by the time we get it to the camp and then we need to deal with the empties. If you absolutely have to have bottled water, please order as part of your mix order and we will get it to the Lodge for you.


The camp will supply evening snacks during your stay, however, if you would like additional snacks, please provide details on the downloadable form and we will get them for you, based on availability in Goose Bay, and will charge you accordingly.

Fishing Licenses

Fishing licenses are provided as part of your package and are available at the Lodge. The Newfoundland Government requires that we ask for ID when issuing licenses so please make sure that you have it available.


DSCN0286Tipping is a personal matter, however it is one of the first questions people ask when looking for details on their trip. These comments are then given only as a matter of direction which you can choose to follow or not. It’s also important to remember that tipping should be based on service and that only you can be the judge of that.

The following are what seem to have become average for the trip.
Guides – $400 – $500 per angler per week
Chef/Kitchen – $150 – $200 per angler per week.
Housekeeping – $75 – $100 per angler per week
Shore Person – $50 – $75 per angler per week.


Again, the above are only suggestions.  We will provide envelopes in camp, which should be given directly to the staff member.


Please take the time to download and review our lodge policies.