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September 11, 2020

I have 80+ years of notches on my fly fishing belt and I can say, quite honestly, that I have not experienced a more welcoming lodge than the Flowers.

Getting there and back was half the fun - Donelda at "the bunkhouse" is a delight, as well as seeing the tall straight fleshed out spruce trees wind around lakes and bogs. The lichen looks like the sun shines from the middle of the earth.

Though late in the season, the number of raises, hooked & losses, and landing releases were more than enough to satisfy my fishing desires. To top it all, my guide Brad was better than a wading stick. He is in all ways a true guide. I don't have enough words to rave on about the accommodation and service - and Cindy, Ivy, Terry, Tommy......

My one regret? I was the only female sport in camp. Come on gals...get there on your own. Fill the lodge with female nonsense and stories next year -- and invite me to join in!

Katharine Mott
September 11, 2020

In mid-August 2020, I had the opportunity to fish Flowers River for the first time. Prior to this trip, I had heard many great things about the lodge and the river and was excited to see it for myself.

The short flight to the lodge provided incredible views of the Labrador landscape and terrain and when we landed at the lodge, the staff were quick to help us get unpacked and settled. From the Chef, to the shore personnel, and to the guides all of the staff were very friendly and extremely good at their trade.

The fishing was spectacular even though we faced a variety of conditions from low clear water to high murky water. Regardless, the guides still put us over a lot of fish and literally knew each rock and structure of where they would be holding. Over the course of the week we encountered a good mix of fresh and seasoned fish from feisty grilse, to acrobatic fish in the mid-teens range as well as several larger fish that left us saying WOW.

If you love wild remote places, dry fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon, great food, very comfortable and cozy accommodations, then this is the spot for you. This trip exceeded my highest expectations.

Matt Dort

Matt Dort
August 9, 2019

I had a salmon on last night fishing with Terry and Radford.
Chris and his guests were returning to camp.
Chris asks Terry, how big the fish is that Dale is battling
Terry says 20 lb
Chris says OK we thought it was a big fish by the acrobatics
It is an incredible river when a 20 lb silver dollar is not a big fish

Dale RobertsonHalifax, Nova Scotia
August 9, 2016

In August, 2003 my wife and another couple accompanied me to the Flowers River.  Upon our arrival we encountered beaming faces and stories of plentiful and large salmon brought to hand.  Alas, we encountered historic Far. 90 -100 degree temperatures, cloudless skies and bright sun, warming water and a predictable drop in our luck.  Fast forward to my solo visit in 2016 where the fishing gods appeared, together with cool, showery and cloudy conditions and some of the most remarkable fishing I have encountered since chasing salmon in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, the Gaspe, and Labrador [ or just Canada - you chose], Iceland and Russia dating back to 1979.  As before,  the Flowers pools all were easy to reach and wade, but now they were filled with salmon (averaging 12 to 17 lbs. with several reaching 23 lbs.) and griles averaging 5 lbs., all chrome bright, acrobatic, silver rockets.  Daily limit catches were the norm, and while the conditions dictated riffle hitching of #8 and #10 Blue Charms, Sweeps, Green Butts and other small wet flies, surprisingly quite a few salmon took dries including the ubiquitous Bumble Bee, but also various black, tan and green bombers, usually in size 6.  I was pleased to find a much updated camp, with new mattresses and bedding, too much good food, and guides who ranked with the best I have ever encountered.  Indeed, Rob Solo was absolutely extraordinary.  I will be back in 2017!!!

Leonard BaumChappaqua, NY
September 10, 2014

Wonderful time & hospitality at the beautiful Flowers River, my Dad & I can enjoy one of the things we love best, nature! Thanks you for a wonderful time Jim ( our host ), Rob Solo our guide, Austin & Lily ( great food ) and the rest for a great trip to Flowers River.

David ThyretWelland, ON
September 9, 2014

Truly a world class experience rival to the Kola Peninsula or Rio Grande or Tierra Del Fuego. The Flowers River proves catch & release truly works! Hats off to Vince Burton & son Jim. Appreciate the experience I will never forget.

Kip McCarthySt. John's, NL